Looking before you leap

Recently it has started to wear on me that I don't have a better idea
of where I want to go next. Three years is the longest I've been with
a single company and while that seems like such little time in the
grand scheme of things it feels like a long time. I am not looking to
change companies but I do need to get a solid feeling for where I am
going next within the organization.

Product management has resurfaced as a love internally. I enjoy
driving our customer portal efforts, but it isn't enough to keep my
attention full time. I think the core issue is that in filling the
void with other efforts but I feel like if I had more information I
could be making a more valuable contribution than I am currently.
People lavish me with more praise than I feel like I deserve, but that
isn't a primary driving factor for me. If I could be a little more
informed, a little more focused, and have a little more autonomy I
feel like I could take my contributions even further.

With that goal in mind I need to somehow draw a map from point A to
point B. Having a few direct reports again would make this so much