Achievement Unlocked: Workaholic

This was originally a pearl of wisdom I sent to a co-worker who told me I'd have something "by the end of the day" on a Sunday:

After 10 years in different roles I've stopped wearing "workaholic" like it is a badge of honor. I work weekends if I can't avoid it - but it leaves me regretting the time I missed with my son and my friends. I work nights if I have to, because I need to carry my weight and not create undue stress on my colleagues (most of whom I also count among my friends).

Customer Service

I smashed my touchscreen phone this week. I bought it from my carrier a few weeks ago, and now my new phone was pretty much useless.

I took it to the manufacturer (not even the people I pay every month for phone service). A nice woman looked at my phone for about 10 or 15 seconds (the damage was bluntly obvious), looked at the records on her tablet and said that she would like to offer me a one time free replacement. 

She activated my new phone with my carrier, smiled and I was on my way with a working phone less than 30 minutes after I walked in.

Do you know their customer service is awesome? I don't even need to tell you what type of phone I have and most of you probably already know without ever having seen me carry it.

This is one of the reasons I pay a premium to buy Apple products. Good luck getting Motorola or HTC to do this. And that is assuming you can find their place of business, and then good luck getting them to do it for free. And even if you do all that, I bet it took you more than a 30 minute trip to the mall on a rainy Saturday 2 days before you have to travel for work.

A little stuffed penguin

When I started traveling all the time, my son gave me one of his stuffed 
animals to bring with me. I carry it in my bag and wherever I go I try
to take a few pictures of this little stuffed penguin in various
locations. I was touched because it is one of his favorite stuffed
animals and I smile every time I see it in my bag.

Shoot down the stars

So take a step back.. And a breath in.. Let it out now.. Put your chin up.. You can do it tiger.. You a man now.. And in your dream it's time to do the best you can now


If you want me to leave, tell me and I will talk away. If you want to
avoid me, tell me and I will make myself scarce. If I have become an
obligation, tell me and you will never have to bear that burden again